Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things I Learned While Home Sick With The Flu

  1. Tamiflu did a roundhouse kick, suckerpunch to my Influenza...and to my pocketbook.  Is that stuff laced with gold?  Sheesh.
  2. After watching nonstop CSI: Las Vegas marathons on Spike and USA, I can summarize the entire series...Warrick still dies, Grissom still leaves and *SPOILER ALERT* the gap between Sara's teeth never gets any smaller.  I know, right?!
  3. Just like twins can have sympathy pains for each other, sisters and best friends can have sympathy sickness.  *fist bump Kristy and Leigh*
  4. The importance of a digital thermometer is highly overrated until you have to shake the bejeezus out of a mercury thermometer just to get it to read 98.6.  By this time, who cares if you have a fever because you're exhausted.
  5. I should have gotten bubblegum flavored cough syrup.
  6. The mail comes promptly at 10:10 each morning, without fail.
  7. Saltine crackers never tasted so good.
  8. Mid morning naps are awesome!  Mid afternoon naps are even better!
  9. It IS possible to look forward to stepping on the scale.  Unfortunately you can't eat for 3 days prior.  Small victories, ladies.
  10. When you look and feel like death and your mom drives you to the doctor's office, this is when you will see someone you know.  It's worse than going to Wal-Mart.