Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How'd that get there?

My sister is always telling me that I carry the most random things with me.  (You mean you don't carry salad tongs and pliers with you?) OK, I'll admit, I do carry things that most people don't typically tote around with them, but I never thought my belongings were unusual until now.

I pulled into the corner store for a fill up and while the gas was pumping, I took advantage of the opportunity to discard of some of the trash that was rolling around in the floor boards.  At first it wasn't anything out of the ordinary.  But as I started paying attention to what was being tossed from the car, I realized that my sister was far more correct about my possessions than I thought.

On this particular day, the following items could be found in my car:
  1. 1 Styrofoam cup - I love Styrofoam.  It is my one act of defiance against this whole "green" revolution.  (Sorry Kristy)
  2. Random dead fries - You know, the ones that fall between the seat and the console as you try to shove them in your face as you're zipping down the freeway.
  3. A boat load of bev naps - Thanks to Carrabba's, I have a lifetime supply of those little napkins.
  4. An empty packet of gum - Ooh, I could really go for a piece of that right about now.  I've got some kung fu breath...it's kickin'.
  5. Numerous bottle caps and wine toppers - Because I was too lazy to throw them away at work, I just threw them into my apron pocket which then resulted in taking up residence in my console.  I wonder if Bottle Cap Alley is looking for any donations?  (There's a good bull reference to all you Aggies out there.)
  6. Crayons...or rather what's left of them - Humph, yet another thing I was too busy to throw away at work.  Who knew the pocket on your apron could be your very own grab bag?  Did you know that when crayons melt, the wax separates from the coloring agent?  At least the cheap ones do anyway.
  7. 1 can Dulce de Leche - Well, that can't be good.  A can of milk plus the blazing Texas sun makes for one can of nastiness.  How did this get into my car anyways?
  8. 3 "We heart our customers" dry cleaning hangers - I used to carry these around back in high school because my friends and I were notorious for locking our keys in our cars.  Now that we're grown up and have AAA, I have no idea why I keep these.
Don't judge me.  Let's take a looksie at what's rolling around in the floor boards of YOUR car why don't we?  Yeah.  That's what I thought.

And Mom, I know it sounds like it, but my car is NOT a trash can on wheels.  I wouldn't exactly call it  "Mom Clean" or anything, but it's relatively neat on the inside.  You raised me well.  Now, my purse on the other hand...we'll save that for another day.

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